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Mini Trials!

On Saturday 9th October, the English and Social Subjects departments took Forrester pupils to participate in the annual mini-trials competition.
Pupils had to prepare both a prosecution and a defence case, providing both lawyers and witness/victims. All the pupils put in an enormous amount of work and they were a credit to the school on the day. A number of the lawyers we had been working with commented on the preparation and confidence the Forrester team exemplified.
One of them was 'sentenced' to two years!

Visit from Film Academy!

On Tuesday 11th October, our National 5 and Higher Media class welcomed Brian Robinson from BFI Film Academy Edinburgh to share an exciting opportunity in filmmaking.The Academy is looking for young people with a passion for film and looking to make a career out of the film industry.

Starting over the weekend of the 4th and the 5th of November and running until the 21st January, participants will receive a comprehensive training in storytelling, production, sound recording, directing, editing and camera and will shoot and edit their own short film.
Working with key organisations and individuals within the Film Industry, they will be provided with an understanding of the commercial industry, cultural knowledge of the film value chain and the skills they need to help make a career in film a reality.
Applications are open now and will close at 5pm on Friday 20th of October, on the BFI Film Academy website, or ask Mrs Collins for help.

See our Careers page for notices about jobs and exciting prospects!

Why not enter the Edinburgh City Ghost Story competition and be in with a chance of winning up to £100 prize money? See details attached below:


Supported Study runs in the department every Thursday, 3.30 - 4.30.Check in department for rota.Support for every year group provided - just bring the work you need help with.image1.JPG

Homework Club runs in Guidance corridor every Tuesday for any S1 – S6 that would benefit from a quiet space to work. Support and encouragement for all. Pupils can drop in as and when they need it or make it a regular Tuesday date. Snacks on offer at the start to give pupils energy !!

Dressed up for Book Week Scotland 2016. (No, we don't usually dress like this...)

More success for Forrester short films - screening at Kirkcaldy Film Festival!

Creative writing competition for S1-3, based around the Gallipoli campaign in Stirling during WW1. Full details in the PDF here.

The challenge is to write a poem of up to 40 lines, or a short story (in the form of letter) of up to 750 words based on one of the following themes:
  • The Landings
  • Treating the wounded
  • Life in the trenches
  • Being taken prisoner
  • The evacuation of Gallipoli

The deadline for the submission of entries is Tuesday 1st December 2015.

World Book Day 2017!
Our winners of the "Who's behind the book?" competition are Taylor Fairgrieve, Maddison Burnett, Mirin Morgan and Abbie Lee!

World Book Day was Celebrated on Thursday 2nd of March this year. All S1-3 Pupils participated in a variety of activities and attempted a “Who’s Behind The Book?” Competition, guessing which teacher has their nose in their favourite book. We were extremely lucky and had a visit from the wonderful Blackwells' Book Fair. Every S1-3 pupils in the English Department on Thursday got a book from the book fair and pupils had the option of buying additional books too - with a fantastic 20% discount on every book!

Can you guess which teacher is behind the book?

C5_LDqEXEAAVQ-e.jpg large.jpg

World Book Day 2015!
World Book Day was Celebrated on Thursday 5th of March this year. We were extremely lucky and had a visit from the wonderful Blackwells' Book Fair. Every S1 and 2 pupil got a book from the book fair and pupils had the option of buying additional books too - with a fantastic 20% discount on every book! Here are some pictures of us enjoying World Book Day:


Book Week Scotland was celebrated in style this year at FHS! Our theme was Book vs Film and our pupils were kept Book Week busy with a variety of competitions & activities around the school.
All of our pupils were invited to take part in our "Book vs Film matching competition" where they had to find the actors/actresses and match them to the original novel version of the film they starred in. Our actors and novels were displayed on various doors around the school!


We also challenged our pupils to take part in an extreme reading competition on our English twitter page:

Strangest reading location wins! Could Mrs Collins be beaten?

Throughout the week, our lovely librarian held a number of activities and competitions for our S1-3 pupils, including the Scholastic Book Fair, book sculpting, iPad sessions and a "guess which character is coming to dinner?" competition.

scholastic fair.jpg

book sculpture.jpg


And not to leave out our senior pupils... published author, Emily Mackie very kindly lead some fantastic writing workshops for N4 and 5 pupils in order to get creativity flowing for folio pieces!
emily workshop.jpg

We've had great fun celebrating literature during Book Week Scotland! We even had some famous book characters in the English Department on Wednesday. Can you guess who they were?

website group.jpg

Hot off the press! Heroes and Villains Book Launch - Thursday 19th June!

Forrester pupils win Edinburgh Schools Film Competition!

The Department

The department, in line with the school, aim to inspire all young people to become…
  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Responsible Citizens
  • Effective Contributors
through engaging them in the highest quality learning activities that maximise success for all learners.

Forrester High School English Department is committed to provide:
  • Highly trained, professional staff, who are aware of the latest developments and practices in education; staff who can deliver the highest standards of learning and teaching and who respect the rights of the child as outlined in the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
  • Staff with leadership roles, who are proactive, collegiate and ambitious to meet the educational needs and rights of every individual, in every classroom.
  • Opportunities for self-reflection, collaborative learning, feedback and target setting, supported by parents, pupils and staff.
  • A positive, supportive, stimulating, yet challenging environment, where pupils can develop their higher order, critical thinking and problem solving skills, through enjoyment of literacy, literature, culture and language. Our classrooms are places where both pupils and adults respect each other's rights - especially articles 28 & 29 of the UNCRC:

    Children have a right to an education. Discipline in schools should respect their human dignity.

    Children should be encouraged to reach the highest level of education they are capable of. Education should develop each child’s personality and talents to the full. It should encourage children to respect their parents and their own and other cultures.

This is the department’s shared vision.

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