At Forrester High, we are committed to developing our young people into confident readers through a comprehensive S1 - 3 reading programme. The bulk of this reading is done at home, although we do sometimes have a little time in class to read or change books at the library.

With our dedicated librarian, Ms Sutherland, our pupils experience a great depth and variety of genres - both fiction and non-fiction.

If your child is looking for a new book to read, why not check out the Great Reads for Teens leaflet and the Recommended Reads lists which recommend different books for teenagers from different genres at different reading levels. The higher the level number, the more challenging the text:

Information to S1 parents about our new S1 Reading Programme:

S1 Connect Four and Reading for Gold Scheme

The programme will be introduced in class and the reading should be undertaken as part of your child’s English homework.

During the first term, S1 pupils will follow the Connect Four element of the reading scheme. This is a personalised programme which takes into account the interests and reading level of each child. By the Christmas holidays, your child will be expected to have read a chain of 4 books, each a different genre of his/her choice. After completing a book, a short quiz should be taken, based on what has been learned.

After Christmas, the reading scheme will change slightly as all S1 pupils will begin Reading for Gold. The Reading for Gold programme is continued in S2 and in S3, with pupils progressing from Bronze level right through to Titanium! Your child will begin the Bronze level after Christmas and will be required to have read a further 6 books of his/her choice, by the end of S1. However, this term, instead of completing a quiz on their chosen book, pupils can select from a variety of engaging and stimulating Bronze tasks.

Throughout the year, if your child is making good progress with the reading scheme, you should expect to receive a letter of merit. If we require your support, we will send out a letter of concern. In this way we can overcome difficulties quickly and achieve the best possible outcomes for your child.
We thank you in advance for your co-operation and support with this programme.

S1 Reading ProgrammeTerm 1 (August - December)Connect 4

Like the retro game, the idea behind this reading scheme is to create a chain of 4 books in a straight line. Each ‘square’ indicates a genre of book; such as war, horror, relationships etc. Your task is to choose a book that matches both your level (colour) and the genre, read it, then pass an Accelerated Reader quiz on that book.

By reading the work of a variety of authors you will significantly improve your vocabulary as you will be exposed to more than one author’s ‘word bank’.

Not sure what to read? Check out the Librarian’s Top 10 list for each genre!

Terms 2 and 3 (January - May)

Reading for Bronze

The reading programme changes in terms 2 and 3, where pupils will move on to the Reading for ... levels. They begin with bronze and progress throughout S2 and 3 through silver, gold and platinum levels.In this programme, pupils still experience a variety of genres in their reading, but they don't need to use the Connect 4 grid or sit an AR quiz. Instead, after each book they complete a task according to the genre of book. Each level consists of 10 books.

S2 & 3 Reading Programme

Please see details of Reading for Bronze in the S1 programme. Pupils are able to progress at their own pace through silver, gold and platinum levels.