September 2016
Mary King's Close
S2 visited Mary King's Close this month to get inspiration for their ghost stories. We all had a fantastically spooky time!


November 2015Sky Skills Studios
Congratulations to Miss Quirke's media and Mrs Herrera's journalism pupils who attended the fabulous workshop with Sky on Wednesday 11th November. Every single pupil was a credit to themselves and the school, displaying their excellent teamwork, creativity, time management, leadership and communication skills. The Sky staff were singing the praises of our focused, motivated and enthusiastic students! These pictures only show the surface of how fun and energetic the day was.

The finished product was a news report on the issue of cyberbullying. Our pupils wrote, filmed, directed, presented, acted (in the roles of witnesses and experts), edited AND produced the report. We think you'll agree that they looked fabulous (darling).

Feeling inspired? Sky run these workshops all year round. Consider nagging us to take your class and you never know! :-)

Cameron and Sandy as presenters.

Hannah, Donald and Max edit their clip.

3, 2, 1...ACTION!

The magic of the green screen!


Editing is a serious business. (Except when you're wearing a minion hat...)

Such concentration.


Hannah and Sandy look great as presenters!

"I'm dressing as Mr Strachan."

Last minute edits to the script.


Interesting choice of outfit, Cameron...

Listening to expert advice from Sky staff.


October 2015Authors Live with Jackie Kay

A number of our National 5 pupils studying Jackie Kay this year were given the opportunity
to go to an Author’s live event on Thursday at the BBC in Glasgow. They
were selected to be an audience for Jackie Kay (the poet they are studying
for N5 English this year) and got to listen to her read her poems and discuss the N5
set texts. This was a fantastic opportunity and really helped
consolidate what they’ve been learning in class.

Click the link below to watch clips from the event:

Mini Trials
Well done to all who participated in the Mini Trials.
We had a fantastic day and managed to achieve not proven verdicts in both trials.

All pupils were very well prepared and put some very convincing arguments across. Those in the witness box got very into character and lied terrifically. Those playing the parts of lawyers were thorough in their interrogations and at times very intimidating to the witnesses! The not proven verdicts were well deserved!

Thanks for all your hard work!


April 2014: Journalism Course
In April, a number of pupils from S1 and S2 were given the opportunity to take part in a Journalism course at WHALE Arts Centre. The project ran over two Tuesday afternoons and involved the pupils learning how to create news stories, interview people and review/edit their writing. The pupils really enjoyed the course and wrote articles on a range of topics, from fashion to football to local news. Check out the Digital Sentinel website to read some of the pupils’ stories.

Here are a few links to recently published articles by Sarah Brown and Lauren Howatson, budding journalists from S2:

Journo 2.jpg
Photo 1.jpg
Journo 3.jpg
Journo 4.jpg

September 2013: Creative Writing Workshop at Edinburgh University

12 pupils sitting Higher English attended this event, with workshops run by professional writers. Working with pupils from other schools, our pupils learned about the art of creating character, structure and setting. The workshops included dramatic monologues, crime fiction and fantasy writing, and offered opportunities for pupils to get creative by writing short pieces themselves.

These pupils have now become 'ambassadors' by bringing back to their classes what they have learned from the pros!

Hard at work in the Crime Fiction workshop!

Caley Veitch, Dana Warnock, Eleanor Clarke and Samantha Copeland enjoyed their day out!

August 2013
BBC School News ReportOn the 23rd of August 2013, 12 lucky s3 pupils were given the opportunity to work with the BBC in Potterow Edinburgh. The 12 pupils were split into three groups: Radio, Film 1 and Film2.

Each group were assigned professionals from the BBC to aid them in creating a short clip with the common theme of “Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Games”. The professionals taught the pupils a vast amount of specialist knowledge and skills regarding filming, preparation, interviewing and editing.

Each group learned how to use the specific equipment for their area and had great fun being camera operators and sound specialists during filming. One member from each group was the on screen volunteer and was the face of their group. That person had to ask the questions, perform the segment on the games and create links throughout their clip. While nerves were running, each star was exceptional and soon learned that no one gets it right first time, not even George Alagiah or Jeremy Paxman!

It was fabulous for the pupils to see and realise that pre-recorded shows on professional television, only use the “best bits”. This aspect of the day of course was down to our editing technicians to select and ensure that perfection (or close to) was achieved. The team were shown how to use the editing software and learned how to cut sections from clips to produce one final clip which was interesting and entertaining for an audience. They also learned how to create titles, special effects and add music for dramatic effect etc.

All pupils were a credit to Forrester High School and have shown promising futures in the world of media!

Catch out their clips on the following link:

Yearly: London / Paris
If you ask any student (or teacher, for that matter!) what some of their most memorable school experiences were, chances are that they will include school trips. We believe that extended trips are both extremely enjoyable and valuable for everyone involved, hence the reason why over the last few years, the Art and Design and English departments have combined to organise a cultural trip to London and Paris in the last week of the summer term in June.

The aim of the trip is to introduce students to the excellent cultural attractions of two of Europe’s biggest capital cities, as well as introducing a style of student travel that does not simply involve sitting on a tour bus and making no decisions for yourself! There has been a busy itinerary involving trips to the famous art galleries, theatres and museums and there has even been time for sightseeing and shopping. Students become accustomed to using the underground systems of these cities, sample French cuisine, and watch some Shakesperian theatre in the Globe - the original venue for his plays.

A trip to EuroDisney on the last day rounds off what is a definite highlight of the year for everyone involved.

external image londonparis-trip-disneyland-castle.jpg
external image londonparis-trip-disneyland-paris.jpg
external image londonparis-trip-group-eiffel-tower.jpg