On Monday lunchtimes, Miss McLaren's classroom is transformed into a writer's paradise!
In this club, we learn how to write:
Short stories
Magazine articles (informative and persuasive)

We learn how to improve our writing while having fun with the genres.

We also enter regular competitions throughout the year, such as The Power of Poetry, Around the World in 80 Words, and any others that interest club members.

The most recent competition entered was the Story Generator, a Scotland-wide creative writing competition for pupils in S1 and S2. You can read the club's entry here:

Here are some examples of our S1's poems about sweeties which were recently submitted to the "Power of Poetry" Competition for 11-18 year olds:

Silver like a tiara
Shiny like a penny
Purple is the royal

And gold is the money
It crackles, rustles
It’s toffee and sweet
Oh my Gosh, I have to eat

Pours like a fountain
Sugary sweet
Bites are buttery
And chewy to eat

As sweet as sugar
Sparkling like sparklers
Crunchingly crunchy
Sticky like syrup
Tiny fireworks exploding in your mouth!

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