" A cold night in the early 1900s. Rosabeth and her husband Albert were just having a drink at the local pub when a man walked in and took out a sword. By the time he was finished with the horrible act, police were there and shot him dead without thinking. The victims were thrown into mass graves to prevent disease from spreading and they say their spirits still walk the old pub..."

The chilling opening to Michael Egan's suspense filled, prize winning, ghost story just in time for Halloween. Michael was inspired by stories read in class, discussions and a visit to Mary King's Close to write his fantastic story set in Edinburgh. Michael's class entered a ghost story writing competition organised by City of Edinburgh Tours for all Edinburgh schools; Michael's story was the runner up in the S1-S3 category. The winning stories will be made into a small book. Well done Michael! This is an amazing achievement!

Congratulations to our 2015 Connect 4 Winners:

Emily Carr
Connor Cheshire
Brogan Drysdale
Auryn Farquhar
Ellie Feeney
Justin Fletcher
Kaitlin Hay
Leah Kelly
Gavin Mabon
Brianag Maison
Abigail McCulloch
Sophie McFarlane
Scott Moodie
Eve Shiels
Ben Smith

October 2015S1Congratulations to the following S1 pupils for passing their first Connect 4 test:Fraser Coutts Jake Douglas Aya EltomAuryn Farquhar Ellie Feeney Lachlan Mackay Scott Moodie Amy Shanks Ruby Southam Cerys Strachan Jamie ThomsonToni JordanMelissa Young
Congratulations to these S1 pupils for passing TWO tests:Aimee ShennanBen SmithSophie McFarlaneAbigail Cameron
Congratulations to the following S2/3 for achievements in Reading:

Hannah Skedd, S2
Ben Whitecross, S3
Nathan Mogg, S2
Zandaeya Acka-Talbot, S2
John Henry, S3
Murron Lees, S2
Reece Kidd, S2
Holly Raynham, S2
Aidan Ryan, S2
Ryan Ironside, S2Chloe Howard, S3Connor Webb, S3Lewis Ferguson, S3Jamie Cottle, S3Rachael Stevendale, S3
Hannah White, S3

Katie Baptie, S3Emma Kelly, S3Hollie Dobson, S2
Hope Hartley, S2

September 2015: Kirkcaldy Film Festival

The films below, award winners in 2014, have been selected to screen at the Kirkcaldy Film Festival on Sunday 20th September 2015..

Full details:

Tickets are free and it’s just a case of booking. The success of these films continues! Well done and congratulations to all involved.

June 2014: Edinburgh Film Competition
Congratulations to the following pupils for winning 'best art design' category for their film 'Too Big For Your Boots' at the Edinburgh Schools Film Competition at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014.

They were also nominated for their other film 'Guillotine' for the direction award.

We are extremely proud and excited - particularly as they were chosen out of just over 150 films!
Max Campbell
Kerry Allan
Sarah Walls
Jamie Renwick
Eilidh Dewar
Scott Kerr
Justin Szabo
Davie Taggart
Megan Taylor
Meghan Frampton

external image Winner.jpeg

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTcxlcSepNVvPiFJtEGDdHiungQ-lyklVsW31HPZmuRSKNVDTvJDA